Summary of Our Business

What is solar thermal power generation?

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Concentrated solar thermal power generation technology uses mirrors to collect solar radiation, and receivers to convert it into heat.

In this clean energy system, that heat is used to operate turbines that generate electricity with no CO2 emissions.

What is CL-CSP technology?

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CL-CSP(cross linear solar thermal power) technology is a new, low-cost solar concentrator system that operates at high temperatures (600 degrees C or higher).

Large-scale solar energy collection can be achieved by connecting modular units. Larger systems improve the ratio between solar energy collection and equipment costs.

What is Beam-Down Solar Collector technology?

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Beam-down solar collectors focus sunlight onto a heliostat and central mirrors, channeling it to a ground level receiver. There, the heat can be stored for later use, making a round-the-clock solar thermal power generation system possible.

What is the ?eAsia Sunbelt Development?f concept?

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The Asia Sunbelt Development concept is intended to create an economic sphere along the sunbelt regions of Asia through solar energy development, promoting environmental protection and energy security in the power-using areas.

About SolarFlame

A Message From Chairperson Tamaura

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The ?eAPS Concept?f conceived of by Tokyo Institute of Technology envisions a society in the Asia Sunbelt regions that is reliant on solar energy. It is a plan to develop the new industries that will usher in the ?eAge of Solar Energy?f in Asia.

SolarFlame is a completely new type of social business that is based on the APS Concept.

At the heart of our business are a number of revolutionary developments in solar thermal power generation technology. Our mission is to put the technical innovations that were created at Tokyo Institute of Technology to practical use in society. (We are currently applying for Tokyo Institute of Technology Venture status.) Our plan will establish the Japanese solar energy technologies developed at the University as a part of Japan?fs manufacturing tradition, and introduce these technologies to the world. One of the challenges will be harmonizing our ideas with the various people and societies of the world. Bringing the APS Concept to life by creating a new social system and a solar energy economy in the Asia Sunbelt regions will be our first step in meeting this challenge.

A major change is starting to take place in the world?fs industrial economy, as the focus shifts away from the ?ezero sum?f model to a greater emphasis on social values. By promoting social values in harmony with the industries, governments, universities and international organizations of the world, we are doing our part to bring Japan into the ?epost-zero sum?f era. This is the fundamental nature of SolarFlame?fs mission.


Registered Name SolarFlame Corporation
Date of Incorporation August 1, 2012
Yutaka Tamaura, Board chairperson
Futoshi Ito, President
Paid-in Capital 12,000,000 Japanese Yen
Headquarters 1-2-8 Toranomon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-0001 JAPAN
TEL +81-3-4570-3829
FAX +81-3-4570-3806
Main Banks Mizuho Bank